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Monte and Diane at the Grand Canyon
Monte and Diane at the Grand Canyon
Murbach Geotech is a small consulting firm specializing in Geologic and Geotechnical Services since 1986. Murbach Geotech's goal is serving our clients by meeting their objective and maintaining the highest quality.

Murbach Geotech's services include:

  • geologic hazard disclosure for real estate transactions
  • geologic hazard assessments for insurance claims
  • third party geotechnical report review for agencies and developers
  • geologic and geotechnical reports for development
  • water infrastructure for municipalities
  • surface mine permitting for agencies and mining companies
  • project management
  • and construction observation and management

We think outside of the "Rocks"!

Additional Company Information: Murbach Geotech is a Small Business Enterprise [Minority, Disadvantaged, and Women] licensed to provide Engineering Geology services in the States of California, Arizona, Oregon and Washington. Murbach Geotech performs geologic hazard evaluations, subsurface geologic and geotechnical investigations, and geologic services for construction.


Murbach Geotech provides services based on Time & Materials or Contract. Please contact us for hourly rates or to request a contract proposal for your specific needs.

Contact information:

Murbach Geotech office
3130 N Evergreen Street
San Diego, CA 92110
(619) 222-2044
Monte Murbach
mobile phone: 619-865-4949
PG #5284; CEG #1856
Diane Murbach
mobile phone: 619-865-4333
PG #5285; CEG #1884